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1. What is the first human rights declaration adopted by the United Nations?

2. When was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted?

3. Where was the Universe Declaration adopted?

4. Who were the key contributors, to the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

5. How many articles does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contain?

6. Can you name some of the rights championed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

7. What human rights event-is celebrated in 1998?

8. To whom does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights apply?

9. What is the slogan adopted for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

10. When is Human Rights Day observed?

11. Why is Human Rights Day observed on 10 December each year?

12. When was the International, Year for Human Rights?

13. What is the International Bill of Human Rights?

14. Can you name some of the Unite Nations commissions specializing in the field human rights?

15. How many countries are members of the Commissions on Human Rights?

16. Which United Nations council selected the members of the Commission on Human Rights and on what basis?

17. Where does the United Nations Commission on Human Rights meet and for how long?

18. How many women have chaired the annual sessions of the United Nations Commission on Human rights since its first meeting in 1947? Who are they?

19. Which main committee of the General Assembly deals with most of the human rights issues?

20. Which United Nations declaration-states, that the objectives of economic activity should be the improvement of the social, economic, political and cultural well-being of individuals and not growth and profit?

21. Which office in the United Nations is responsible for dealing with human rights questions on a daily basis?

22. When was the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights established? How many High Commissioners have there been so far?

23. Who was appointed in 1997 as the High Commissioner for Human Bents?

24. Who was the first High Commissioner for Human Rights?

25. How many world conferences on human rights has the United Nations held? When and where were these conferences held?

26. Which important documents were adopted at the 1993 World Conference on Human flights held in Vienna?

27. Where do human rights bodies usually hold their meetings? Do any of them meet at United Nations Headquarters in New York?

28. What is the difference between a convention and a declaration?

29. What name is given to a series of conventions covering humanitarian questions in times of war?

30. Which human rights bodies can hear individual complaints of human rights Violations?

31. Which United Nations human rights convention or treaty first set up an international monitoring system, as well as a procedure for individual complaints?

32. What is Procedure ™1503J?

33. How many human rights treaty bodies are there?

34. What are the six international human rights treaties monitored by the treaty bodies?

35. Which mechanisms were devised by the United Nations to monitor human rights violations?

36. What are special reporters and what do they do?

37. Can any victim of human rights abuses directly contact the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights?

38. What is the most recent human rights treaty adopted by the General Assembly?

39. Which United Nations human rights treaty has the highest number of country ratifications?

40. How many countries have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child?'

41. Which country originally suggested the idea of an international treaty on the rights of the child?

42. The year 1985 was designated, as International ___ Year.

43. Which declaration was adopted by the United Nations in 1965 in order to protect the rights of young people?

44. What does CEDAW stand for?

45. When was the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Woman adopted by the General Assembly?

46. Which United Nations treaty deals with genocide?

47. What-seven milestones mark United Nations efforts to combat racial discrimination?

48. What United Nations convention deals with the rights of refugees?

49. Has the United Nations done anything about stateless persons?

50. The year 1995 was designated as the International Year for _________

51. Which international declarations armed at religious intolerance?

52. Which United Nations group reviews developments pertaining to the promotion and protection of the-rights of indigenous people?

53. What United Nations human rights decades were proclaimed for the period 1995-2004? When was apartheid?

54. What is apartheid?'

55. When was apartheid eradicated in South Africa?

56. Which United Nations human rights decade is being observed during the period 1993-2003?

57. The United Nations has established two ad hoc International Criminal Courts to judge war crimes committed in which countries?

58. In which 10 places have United Nations human rights field offices been established?

59. What is the role of the human rights field offices?

60. Why is the Universal Declaration of human Rights important to you?

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