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Дом IV. Answer the following questions.
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II. Give (he principal forms of the following verbs?

to try; to lose; to shake; to break; to injure; to deny; to win; to pay; to testify; to grow

III. Find in the text English equivalents for the following Russian phrases and sentences and use them in situations based on the text:

вот, что я Вам скажу, мисс Каннингем...; за исключением некоторых подробностей; у него было такое чувство, что...; как это он выразился (сказал); он задолжал за квартиру; проиграть (выиграть) дело; давать показания

1. What was Jackson's occupation and how did it happen that he could not return to his job? 2. How did Jackson explain the cause of the accident? 3. What did Jackson think about the damage suit? 4. What do we know about Jackson's family? 5. What impression did Jackson's lawyer make on Avis? 6. How did he explain his failure to win Jackson's case? 7. What did the interview with Peter Donnelly prove to Avis? 8. Why do you think the superintendent refused to say anything concerning the trial and the testimony he gave? 9. Why did James Smith warn Avis that he would deny everything if she repeated anything he had said? 10. What was the result of Avis's investigation?

V. Mke up stories as they might have been told by:

a) Jackson

Suggested circumstances: On coming out of hospital Jackson learns that he has been fired. He is in despair. His only hope is that he will get some money by sueing the company for damages. However, he loses the case. He does not understand what has happened but he feels that the witnesses helped the other side. Now he is trying to support his family by making baskets and peddling them.

b) Jackson's lawyer

Suggested circumstances: The lawyer agrees to handle Jackson's case. He is convinced that the right is on Jackson's side. But at the trial he feels helpless: on the on'e hand, the witnesses give false evidence and he cannot, in questioning them, make them tell the truth. On the other hand, Jackson doesn't understand Colonel Ingram's questions, properly and gives answers which damage the case. The decision of the court deepens the lawyer's disillusion.

с) James Smith

Suggested circumstances: James Smith is a witness to Jackson's accident. He is summoned to the court to give evidence. James Smith sympathizes with Jackson but he testifies against him. He knows only too well what will happen if he tells the truth.

VI. Find evidence in the text to support the following statements:

1. Jackson's situation was wretched. 2. The company employed very efficient lawyers. 3. The witnesses were afraid to testify in Jackson's favour. 4. "Law is one thing and right is another thing," said Jackson's lawyer. 5. Avis was compelled to admit that Ernest was right.