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A) 1.“I live here”, she said. 2. “She works in a factory”, I said. 3. “He never lies”, they said. 4. “We are students,” we said. 5. They seldom come here,” he said. 6. “ I have to work tonight”, John said. 7. “He has no money”, I said. 8. “I hope she comes soon”, he said. 9. They said: “We want to go home.” 10. He said: “I don’t know her well”.

B) 1. “She is still sleeping now”, I said. 2. “The baby is crying”, she said. 3. “We are translating the text at the moment”, we said. 4. “I’m waiting for you “, he said. 5. “They are working this week”, I said. 6. She said: “I’m going home.” 7. “Kate is reading this book now”, he said. 8. “We aren’t translating at the moment”, the students said. 9. “They are visiting us today”, uncle said. 10. “I’m not studying at the moment”, Sam said.

C) 1. “He has just returned from his holiday”, I said. 2. “I was there a year ago”, he said. 3. “He lived here some years ago”, they said. 4. “We have already finished the work”, we said. 5. “Yesterday I visited my group-mate”, she said. 6. “I have known him for a long time”, he said. 7. “We didn’t see her yesterday”, they said. 8. “He hasn’t come yet”, I said. 9. “A new shop was built here last year”, she said. 10. “I have never been to Los Angeles”, J.Lo. said and went there.

D) 1. “ I was doing my homework all yesterday evening’, he said. 2. “She has been working since morning”, I said. 3. “We have been living here all our live”, they said. 4. “ They were studying hard for the whole last week”, she said. 5. “She was crying for a long time”, he said. 6. “I was having dinner when you came”, she said. 7. “She has been teaching them since September”, he said. 8. “We were watching the TV when mother came”, Tom said. 9. “I wasn’t living in Scotland then”, McGregor said. 10. “They have been learning English for 7 years”, the teacher said.

E) 1. “ We will visit you soon”, they said. 2. “I will have finished this work by the end of the week”, he said. 3. “She will be taking her exam at this time”, I said. 4. “ He’ll leave in an hour”, she said. 5. “They will become engineers next year”, we said. 6. “I’ll be back”, terminator said. 7. “I will still be sleeping at this time tomorrow”, Sonya said. 8. “We will have already graduated from the Academy by this time”, students said. 9. “ He will visit you next week”, the manager said. 10. “Sally will return in a year”, father said.


1. I’m living in a hostel now.

2. My father isn’t very well.

3. I went to my native place last weekend.

4. Tanya ant Petya are getting married.

5. My sister has had a baby.

6. I don’t know what Fedya is doing.

7. I saw Kate at the party last month and she seemed fine.

8. I haven’t seen Lena recently.

9. I’m enjoying my classes very much.

10. You can come to see me some day.

11. My mobile phone was stolen last week.

12. I want to go on holiday to the Crimea but I can’t afford it.

13. I’ll tell Ann I saw you.

14. I’m going to pass my driving test.

15. I’m visiting Alex tonight.



A) 1. He asked me: “Do you live in Moscow?” 2. We asked him: “Are you busy now?” 3. He asked me: “Have you got a large family?” 4. They asked her: ”Will you go to the theatre?” 5. She asked her friend: “Do you like detective stories? 6. He asked me: “Have you read this book?” 7. I asked him: “Can you swim?” 8. They asked me: “Did you go to the seaside last summer?” 9. We asked him: ”Do you speak English?” 10. She asked the child: “Are you sleeping?” 11. We asked them: “Have you finished your work?”12. He asked me: “Can you do me a favour? 13. “ Will you help me?”- he asked her. 14. “Were you speaking to Jane? “ she asked her brother. 15. “Is he coming to the party today?” I asked them. 16. “Can I use your phone?” I asked the woman. 17. “Did you post my letter?” she asked her husband. 18. “Will you be back early?” mother asked me. 19. “Do you like to go out for a meal?” he asked his wife. 20. “Have they seen Kate today?” I asked the students. 21. “Are you free tomorrow?” Sam asked her. 22. “Will you be at home tomorrow?” She asked him. 23. “Did they say so ?” I asked Fred. 24. “ Were you at the party yesterday?” He asked me. 25. “Have you ever been to Paris?” Claire asked me.

B) 1. He asked me “Where do you work?” 2.“Why are you late?” he asked us. 3. “Where are you going?” they asked me. 4. “Where have you come from?” she asked him. 5. “How long are you going to be on holiday?” I asked her. 6. “When do you have to go to work?” she asked me. 7. She asked me: “When did you begin learning English? 8. They asked me: “When will you come back?” 9. She asked me: “What are you doing?” 10. He asked her: “What films do you like?” 11. He asked us: “Who can speak English here?” 12. She asked me: “Where do you live?” 13. They asked her: “Why have you done it?” 14. We asked him: “ When are you leaving?” 15. They asked me: “How long will it take us to get to the station?”16. I asked him: “When will you have done the work?” 17. “Who told you that?” I asked. 18. “What will you be doing tomorrow?” he asked me. 19. “Where were you yesterday? “ they asked him. 20. “How long have you been studying here?” the teacher asked us. 21. She asked us: ”When will you be at home? 22. “What have you read today?” the teacher asked the students. 23. “What will you be doing tomorrow at 12?” he asked me. 24. “What do you think of this idea?” Max asked her. 25. “When did you enter the Academy?” I asked him.


A is Marina Petrova, who is talking to B, a bank manager, about getting a loan.

B. Come and sit down, Mrs.Petrova.

A. Thank you very much.

B. Now you want to borrow some money.

a) _____________________________?

A Five thousands pounds.

B. b) _____________________________?

A. Because I want to buy a car.

B. I see. Could you give me some personal details?

c) _________________________________?

A. I’m a computer programmer.

B. And d)______________________________?

A. Twenty thousand pounds a year.

B. e) __________________________________?

A. Yes, I am. I have been married for six years.

B. f) ___________________________________?

A. Yes, we’ve got two children.

B. I see you live in a flat. g) _________________?

A. We’ve lived there for three years.

B. Well, that seems fine. I don’t think there’ll be any problems.

h) ______________________________________?

A. I’d like it as soon as possible, actually.

B. All right. Let’s see what we can do.


a) First he asked Mrs. Petrova_______________________.

b) Then he wanted to know_________________________.

c) He needed to know______________________________.

d) She had to tell him______________________________.

e) Then he asked__________________________________.

f) For some reason he wanted to know_________________.

g) He asked her____________________________________.

h) Finally he wondered______________________________.

5. REPORT THE FOLLOWING COMMANDS. USE THE VERBS ask, beg, advise, invite, order, persuade, encourage, tell, warn, forbid, remind :

1. Mary said to her brother, “Take the letter to the Post Office, please.”2. The teacher said to Tom, “Collect the essays and put them on my table.”3. The old man said to the little girl, “Don’t run across the street.” 4. The teacher said to the students, “ Do this work by Saturday.” 5. I said to my friend, “Meet me outside the cinema at 6 o’clock. 6. I said to the students, “Open your books at page 60.” 7. The doctor said to his patient, “Don’t go back to work for a fortnight.” 8. Kate’s mother said to her, “ Don’t go out without your coat.” 9. Jack said to the policeman, “Tell me the time, please.” 10. The father said to us, “Don’t come into my study without permission!” 11. I said to Sam, “Give me, please, your dictionary.” 12. Inspector said to us: “You mustn’t park here.” 13. The guide said to the tourists, “You should see that wonderful place.” 14. Mother told me, “Close the window, please.” 15. The conductor said to the passengers, “Don’t get off the bus while it is going.” 16. “Please, please, don’t tell my parents”, Kate said to me. 17. “You really should paint professionally”, Fred said to me. 18. “You must pay a fine of $1000”, the judge said to Harry. 19. “ Buy the red dress, not the green one”, Dolly said to Sally. 20. “It’s better to sell your shares”, Peter’s accountant said to him. 21. Greg said to Jane, “Marry me, please.” 22. I said to Vasya, “Hurry up or we’ll be late!” 23. “Don’t ring me any more”, she said to him angrily. 24. “Forget about my existence”, he said to her. 25. “Don’t be silly!”, Maggy said to Jane.


In the train.

A talkative passenger asked a lady who was in the same compartment:

“Have you any family, madam?”

“Yes, sir, one son,” she answered.

“Indeed! Does he smoke?” he continued to ask.

“No, sir, he has never touched a cigarette,” she said.

“So much the better, madam. Tobacco is poison. Does he belong to a club?” asked the passenger.

“He has never set foot in one,” she answered.

“Then I congratulate you. Does he come home late at night?” he asked again.

“Never. He always goes to bed directly after dinner,” she said.

“He is a model young man, madam. How old is he?”

“Ten months today,” was the answer.


1. Ann… goodbye to me and left. 2. …us about your holiday. Did you have a nice time? 3. Don’t just stand there! …something! 4. I wonder where Sue is. She…she would be here at 4 o’clock. 5. Jack…me he was fed up with his job. 6. The doctor…that I should rest for at least a week. 7. Don’t….anybody what I… . It’s a secret just between us. 8. Did she…what happened? – No, she didn’t…anything to me. 9. George couldn’t help me. He…me to ask Kate. 10. George couldn’t help me. He …to ask Kate. 11. I …Jim not to shout. 12. Sonia…me that you were ill. 13. Tom …he wanted to go to Paris. 14. What did you…to the police? 15. He often…things like this. 16. That little boy is very bad. He…a lot of lies. 17. My grandmother always…me about her childhood. 18. When I was introduced to the teacher he …a few words to me. 19. She …me she didn’t know what to do. 20. “Don’t do that!” she …them.


1.Ann said that we are friends. 2. He asked where does she work. 3. I advised him that he went abroad. 4. Mother wanted to know had I done my homework. 5. She said that she is going to the disco. 6. We asked when would they be ready. 7. He said me that he had been there before. 8. She wondered what he would come for. 9. She begged me didn’t tell her secret anybody. 10. I asked if he saw that woman before. 11. Tom informed me that he would leave in an hour. 12. He wanted to know what I had been doing yesterday. 13. She asked me if I was busy today. 14. Christina said she won’t help me at the exam. 15. Michael persuaded Jane to marry him. 16. Mrs. Smith invited me to had dinner with them. 17. I asked her if she can speak English fluently. 18. He said to us that he had visited that place before. 19. He said he wants to eat. 20. I wondered where they were the previous month. 21. David asked Dolly to not come back late. 22. She asked where was her son. 23. She promised that she will visit us very soon. 24. I told them you at the cinema were. 25. He asked whether I have seen Rick.


1. “I am at home today, because I’m ill.”- Jack said. 2. “What are you doing in the evening?”- he asked. 3. “Can you speak Chinese?”- Kate asked. 4. “We don’t work on Sundays.”- they said. 5. “I was in the USA three years ago.”- she said. 6. “She won’t do anything till you ask her.”- John said. 7. “Please, help me.”- I asked her. 8. “ Have you cooked dinner?”- he asked his wife. 9. “Were you at the Academy last Saturday?”- the teacher asked us. 10. “Will Max be at the party?”- Ann asked. 11. “You really should take post-graduate course, you are smart enough.”- Professor told me. 12. “ Does she have any brothers or sisters?”- I asked. 13. “I have been studying since morning and I’m very tired.”- he said. 14. “We didn’t know anything about it.”- they said. 15. “ Nothing is seen from this window.”- Dana said. 16. “How old are you?”- she asked me. 17. “ I wasn’t told about it,”- I said. 18. “I can’t drive.”- she said. 19. “ Where have you been?”- he asked me. 20. “ Why is the baby crying?”- father asked. 21. “What are you going to do?”- I asked Maria. 22. “Where is a book-shop near here?”- the stranger asked me. 23. “Don’t be silly!”- she said to me. 24. “ I don’t know the answer.”- the student said. 25. “Where will you spend your holidays?”- Justin asked.


1. said / that / was 6. asked / what / happened

2. told / she / been 7. reminded / not / late

3. advised / us / sell 8. answered / he / had

4. asked / why / smiling 9. said / going / to

5. I / that / seen 10. we / that / would


1. Он попросил меня помочь ему. 2. Она сказала, что живет в Белгороде. 3. Οʜᴎ не сказали Кате, что я звонил. 4. Преподаватель спросил, знаем ли мы это правило. 5. Он поинтересовался, сдал ли я зачет. 6. Нам нужно было знать, когда отходит автобус. 7. Я спросил, куда она идет. 8. Она сказала мне, что уезжает на следующей неделœе. 9. Он ответил, что изучает английский уже десять лет. 10. Мама посоветовала мне поступать в институт и получать высшее образование. 11. Вы говорили, что за границей люди живут лучше, но это не так. 12. Кто сказал вам, что я уже вернулась из поездки? 13. Он убедил ее не ходить на эту встречу. 14. Он спросил меня, что я делаю сегодня вечером. 15. Ему нужно было знать, где находится ближайший банк. 16. Папа спросил, нужны ли мне деньги. 17. Он поинтересовался, почему я пришла так поздно. 18. Она спросила, куда мы поедем в отпуск. 19. Я сказала, что у меня нет при себе документов. 20. Она ответила, что не видела Марину уже очень давно. 21. Он сказал, что уже был у меня раньше. 22. Таня сказала, что уронила в речку мячик. 23. А я сказала ей, чтобы она не плакала. 24. Лектор спросил, всœе ли присутствуют. 25. Он приказал нам не опаздывать. 26. Гид спросил туристов, не устали ли они. 27. Преподаватель попросил меня стереть с доски. 28. Инспектор предупредил нас, что здесь стоянка запрещена. 29. Она поинтересовалась, будет ли на вечеринке Элис. 30. Я знал, что он пожалеет об этом. 31. Она думала, что завтра будет хорошая погода. 32. Она сказала, что очень занята и давно не была в театре. 33. Мама надеялась, что я вернусь через неделю. 34. Он поинтересовался, сдал ли я экзамены. 35. Οʜᴎ спросили, когда начинается мой рабочий день. 36. Я спросил, когда он собирается закончить работу. 37. Полицейский спросил, кто оставил здесь машину. 38. Она поинтересовалась, играю ли я в теннис. 39. Я сказала, что больше не кипячу, а пользуюсь «Тайдом». 40. Она напомнила мне, позвонить ей. 41. Он спросил нас, что мы будем делать летом. 42. Петя спросил, кто взял эту книгу. 43. Я попросил Катю дать мне словарь. 44. Οʜᴎ поинтересовались, когда мы купили дом. 45. Я спросил как пользоваться этой установкой.


1. He said he….three days later.

a) will come b) would come c) came d) come

2. She advised me ….go there.

a) not to b) to not c) didn’t d) wouldn’t

3. I asked who….there.

a) is b) were c) was d) has been

4. He said he had been to Moscow…. .

a) last year b) yesterday c) the previous week d) a week ago

5. We were going to have a party…. .

a) today b) tonight c) that night d) tomorrow

6. He reminded me….him.

a) to call b) called c) that I called d) would call

7. They…me he had gone to the USA.

a) told to b) said c) told d) asked

8. I asked her…she had seen that man ever before.

a) if b) weather c) - d) who

9. She said she would visit me….

a) next day b) tomorrow c) before d) that day

10. He asked me…..that day.

a) where I had been b) where I was c) where was I d) where had I been

11.They said they weren’t busy…. .

a) now b) at the moment c) at that moment d) today

12. She asked me what I….to do next day.

a) am going b) was going c) had been going d) is going

13. I….when he was leaving.

a) interested b) interested in c) wondered d) wondered if

14. He wondered…I lived in Voronezh.

a) did b) whether c) had d) weather

15. He said he….there the previous year.

a) would be b) was c) had been d) have been