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Дом B. In pairs, use the headlines to ask and answer, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section)
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A. Complete the headlines wit the correct word.

The News

On the left there is a list of headlines. On the right there is a list of news topics. Match the headlines with the appropriate topic as in the example.

1. PM BACKS PEACE PLAN marriage of famous actress
2. MP SPY DRAMA royal jewels are stolen
3. SPACE PROBE FAILS person who saw crime in danger
4. QUEEN'S GEMS RIDDLE proposal to end war
5. STAR WEDS satellite is not launched
6. KEY WITNESS DEATH THREAT politician sells secrets to enemy

c. Match the newspaper headlines to the sections. Can you think of any other sections? Which is your favorite section of the newspaper? Why? Which do you never read?

Poland hit by more bad weather UK news
Mobile phone company makes bit for rival world news
Russian satellites launched politics
Poor results force England’s cricket captain to quit business
Cancer screening benefits praised education
TV standards falling science/technology
UK backs peace plan entertainment
Education spending key to next election reviews

I like reading the sports section the most.

I never read the politics section. I’m not interested in it.

d. How often do you by a newspaper? Is it a daily or a weekly paper? Is it a tabloid (popular press) or a broadsheet (quality press)? What is its circulation?


a. Look at the headlines. Which disasters are mentioned here? Which are natural and which are man-made? Can you think of any other disasters?

1. Massive earthquake leaves thousands homeless in India

2. Village flooded as river breaks banks

3. Malawi declares famine emergency

4. Arsonists blamed for forest firs

5. Education underway as Mount Etna erupts again

6. Gas explosion kills family of for

1. Hurricane causes severe damage to coastal areas in Hawaii.

2. 20 people feared missing or dead after massive earthquake in LA.

3. Roads turn into rivers in Southern US due to major floods.

4. Local residents forced to abandon their homes as volcano erupts on Montserrat.

A: Did you ear about the hurricane in Hawaii?

B: Non, what happened?

A: The paper says it caused severe damage to coastal areas.

2. a. The people below are reading the newspaper. What section are they reading: entertainment? business? sports? local news? horoscopes? international news?

1. The World Health Organisation will hold a meeting to discuss the effects of tobacco on public health.

2. This is definitely one of the best films to come out of Hollywood this year.

3. The recent increase in oil prices has had a negative effect on the stock market.

4. A new sports and entertainment complex is to be built next to Brentwood shopping centre.

5. Manchester United won the FA Cup.

6. Gemini: Not a good day to make a financial investment. You will hear from an old friend, but do not mistake friendship for romance.