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Дом Ex. 3. Read and translate the following dialogue.
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Ex. 2. Answer the questions.


1. What changes have occurred in London's docklands and why?

2. Explain the following: developments, planners, Green Belt, sleep rough.

3. Find three factors which contribute to the problem of people without homes.

4. Where do some families without homes live?

Dialogue: “A visit to an American house”

Mr. Garrett: Let me show you your room, Sasha. You’ll sleep in the guestroom on the ground floor. Here is your room and your bathroom with a shower. Next to your room is a sitting-room with a television. And here is my study where I work on my computer.

Sasha: Do you have any computer games?

Mr. Garrett: Yes, I do. We also have educational computer programs. This next room is our workout room. Next to it is our recreation room, where you can play ping-pong or table hockey. I hope you’ll be comfortable here.

Sasha: Thank you.

Mr. Garrett: Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you the rest of the house. This is Alison’s room. Alison is almost 11 years old.

Sasha: What grade is she in?

Mr. Garrett: She’s in the fifth grade. We have another daughter, Natalie. She’s 17 years old and attends Roswell High School. This is her room and this is the girls’ bathroom.

Sasha: Is Natalie at home?

Mr. Garrett: No. She’s at work. She works at the shopping mall. She’s saving money for college. She will attend college next year.

Sasha: What is a shopping mall?

Mr. Garrett: A shopping mall is a big building with a lot of different stores and restaurants.

Sasha: All in one building?

Mr. Garrett: That’s right.

Sasha: Does Natalie take the bus to her work?

Mr. Garrett: No, she’s just got her driver’s license and drives herself to work. And here is our bedroom and bathroom. Let’s walk down the hall to the kitchen.

Sasha: You have so many appliances in your kitchen.

Mr. Garrett: Yes, they make life a lot easier. For example, this is our microwave oven. It’s similar to a regular oven, but it’s much smaller and it heats up food much quicker. And this is our dishwasher.

Sasha: And what is this little machine?

Mr. Garrett: This is an electric can opener. It opens cans of soup and tuna fish automatically. And if you look in the sink, you’ll see our disposal.

Sasha: What is a disposal?

Mr. Garrett: We put our vegetable peels in the sink, push a button and the disposal automatically minces them and they disappear!

S.: How convenient!

Mr. Garrett: Yes. And next to the kitchen is the laundry room. This is where we wash and dry our clothes.

Sasha: Where do you hang the clothes?

Mr. Garrett: We don’t. The washing machine washes the clothes and the dryer dries them. The next room is our living-room and here is our dining-room.

Sasha: You have a wonderful house.

Mr. Garrett: Thank you, Sasha. There is no place like home.