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Дом IV. Scan the passage in search of Gerunds. Comment on their functions.
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III. Fill in the gaps with the prepositions from the box.

II. Change the sentences using Gerundial complexes.

I. Define the functions of the Gerund

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1. Яка мета вашого візиту?

2. Не бігайте околяса, переходьте зразу до суті справи.

3. Вони не сподівалися, що прийдуть до згоди по всім пунктам.

4. Коли дійшло до справи вона нічого не зробила, щоб допомогти нам.

5. Дозвольте мені відмітити деякі слабкі місця у вашій статті.

6. Я слухала уважно, щоб не пропустити головної ідеї.

7. Ми взяли собі за правило бігати вранці.

8. Ця випадкова зустріч стала поворотним моментом в її житті.

9. Немає сенсу обговорювати це питання зараз.

10. В цей момент піднялася завіса і почалася увертюра.

Grammar Focus

1. At least he declared he did and insisted on shaking him by the hand.

2. Hallward amused himself with watching the faces in the pit.

3. To spiritualise one’s age – that is something worth doing.

4. The staginess of her acting was unbearable.

5. The words conveyed no meaning to her.

6. So far from being nervous, she was absolutely self-contained.

1. Henry suggested that they should leave the theatre.

2. Dorian could not stand when the manager was talking at the top of his voice.

3. Dorian had no idea why Sibyl was self-contained.

4. Dorian was sorry that Sibyl’s gestures became absurdly artificial.

5. He remembered that Sibyl moved like a creature from a finer world.

1. The manager was beaming from ear _______ ear _______ a tremulous smile.

2. He escorted them to the box, talking _______ the top of his voice.

3. Lord Henry insisted _______ shaking hands with him.

4. Sibyl Vane stepped _______ the stage.

5. She was lovely to look _______ .

6. Basil leaped _______ his feet.

7. Dorian sat gazing _______ her.

8. She showed no sign _______ joy when her eyes rested _______ Romeo.

9. The words were spoken _______ an artificial manner.

10. The tone was wrong _______ colour.

11. The gallery had lost interest _______ the play.

Jimmie was taking a short holiday which he spent in going every night to the theatre in one town after another. At the end of the piece he went round to see Julia. They had no sooner sat down to table than he went straight to the point.

“I never slept a wink all night for thinking of you,” he said.

“This is very sudden. Is your proposal honourable or dishonourable?”

“I’ve been in this game for 25 years. I’ve been a call-boy, a stage-hand, a stage-manager, an actor, a publicity man, damn it, I’ve even been a critic. I’ve lived in the theatre since I was a kid just out of a board school, and what I don’t know about acting isn’t worth knowing. I think you’re a genius.”

“It’s sweet of you to say so.”

“That’s all I can get.”

“You are satisfied to go on playing those sort of parts for ever? You’ll get stuck in them and the public won’t take you in anything else.”

“I know I want experience. I’d have to think it over, of course. I wouldn’t mind coming to you for a reason.”