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Дом Task 15. Answer the following questions.
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Task 14. Complete the sentences using the following word expressions from the box.

Task 12. Match the English and Ukrainian equivalents.

1. be really matter 2. receive 3. resort 4. the armed forces 5. the dissolution 6. the heir a) oтримати b) спадкоємець c) військові сили d) мати значення e) розпуск f) звернення

Task 13. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions:

1) The size of the Cabinet is today about 23 and its principal function is to determine government policy … submission to Parliament.

2) The Cabinet consists … the small group … the most important ministers who are elected … the Prime Minister.

3) The Prime Minister is the head ... the government and presides …meetings …the cabinet.

4) The government consists … the ministers appointed … the Crown … the recommendation … the Prime Minister.

5) The Cabinet meets … private.

6) There are …100 ministers …the Crown … the present time.

office eighteenth meetings spokesman ministers conventions head Monarch government Prime Minister Crown House of Commons

1) The _____________ consists of the __________appointed by the ________on the recommendation of the ___________.

2) The _________of Prime Minister dates from the ___________century and is the subject of a number of constitutional __________.

3) The Prime Minister is the _______ of the government and presides over __________ of the cabinet.

4) By convention the Prime Minister is always a Member of the ______________.

5) The Prime Minister consults and advises the _______on government business.

6) The Prime Minister is the principal ____________for the government in the House of Commons.

1. What can you tell about the authorities of the Prime Minister?

2. What is the number of the Cabinet members?

3. Who is the head of the government?

4. What is the principal function of the Cabinet?

5. What are the Ministers in Great Britain responsible for?

6. How can you describe the functions of Ministers of Great Britain?

7. How is the executive branch of the government formed?

8. How many members does the Cabinet of Ministers of Great Britain include?

9. Are the Ministers appointed by the Prime minister?

10. What is the term of election of the Parliament?

11. What can you tell about the “Shadow Cabinet”?

Task 16. Comment on the following citation:

”It is not the voting that is democracy, it is counting”.

Task 17. Refer to the text & decide which of the 20 words & phrases you need to deliver the basic information about the executive branch of the UK.

Task 18. Think of the new information about the executive system you’ve got to know & make up a list of their specific features.

Task 19. Work in pairs & discuss the most important points concerning the activity of the Executive Branch of UK, share your ideas with the other groupmates.