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Дом Translate the following phrasal verbs and verb-preposition collocations for health and illness
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Fill the gaps with a suitable word.

C. Serious illnesses

Doctors believe smoking is the major cause of lung cancer.

He had a heart attack and died almost immediately.

Hepatitis is a liver disease.

Asthma (chest illness causing breathing problems) has become more common.

Note: Illness and disease are often used in the same way, but disease is used for a serious condition caused by an infection e.g. a liver disease. Illness is a more general word.

1. I hit my hand on the desk and it really …………… .

2. They say she died of a heart …………… .

3. She had some apples that weren't ready to eat and now she's got stomache- ………….. .

4. I've got this terrible ………….. in my neck from sleeping in the wrong position.

5. He died of ………… cancer even though he never smoked a cigarette in his life.

6. I went to the doctor, and she gave me a …………. for some tablets.

7. Pollution makes her ………….. worse and it's difficult for her to breathe.

8. There are different forms of hepatitis; one is a more serious ………… than the other.

9. I hurt ………….. when I fell off that chair.

10. My back …………. from sitting at that computer all day.

8. Have you had any aches and pains recently? Make a list of the illnesses you have had. Are there any other illnesses you have had or still have? If so, find the name for it/them in English.

I'm fighting off a cold at the moment. (trying to get rid of).

Marge isn't in today; she's gone down with flu. (has caught, usually a non-serious illness).

I won't be going today. I've come down with a dreadful cold. (with I we say come down not go down)

I had a virus last week, but I got over it quite quickly. (got better/recovered)

My sister's recovering from a major operation. (getting better: used for more serious illnesses)

Harry suffers from hay fever and sneezes a lot if he is near grass or flowers. (used for more long-term problems)

He died of / from lung cancer. (Not: He died with lung cancer.)

& 14. Read the text below and find words in the text which mean

the following:

1. doctor who looks after people's general health: GP means general practitioner

2. choose private healthcare

3. large centre with several doctors and kinds of services

4. general expression for all of the services offered by hospitals, clinics, dentists, opticians, etc.

5. tax paid by most adults which covers the costs of healthcare for everyone

6. British name for the service that covers hospitals, clinics, dentists, etc

7. charge for the medication the doctor prescribes, which you pay at a pharmacy

8. small centre with just two or three doctors

“In Britain, healthcare is paid for through taxes and national insurance payments taken directly from wages and salaries. The government decides how much will be spent on the National Health Service, but a lot of people feel they do not spend enough. Hospital treatment and visits to a family doctor (or GP) at a surgery or clinic are free, but there is a prescription charge. Dentists and opticians charge fees. Private healthcare is available and a large number of insurance schemes exist to enable people to 'go private'.

? 15. Translate into English:

лікуватись приватно; державне страхування; плата за прописані ліки; державна служба охорони здоров’я; аптека, ліки; сімейний лікар.

16. Learn the following:

Here are some serious illnesses, with the word-stress underlined. Make sure you know the stress-pattern when learning longer words or phrases. It is a good idea to make a note of it.

diabetes: disease where the body does not properly absorb sugar and starch

bronchitis: inflammation in the breathing system, causing you to cough

heart disease: serious illness connected with the heart which can lead to a heart attack

skin cancer / lung cancer / breast cancer: harmful tumours in those areas

TB (or tuberculosis): infectious disease in the lungs

cholera: an intestinal disease that can be caused by bad drinking water

hepatitis: inflammation of the liver

typhoid:fever, with red spots on the chest and abdomen

heart attack/failure: when the heart fails

18. Which of these collocations are normal, and which are not normal?