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Дом Ex. 49 Communicative activity. Answer the questions using the Past Simple. Tell about yourself.
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Ex. 48. Explain the use of the Simple Past in the following sentences.

The First TV Soap Opera

Ex. 47. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple.

The first TV soap opera (a) ……….. (appear) on American television just after the Second World War. Its name (b) ………. (be) Faraway Hill and it (c) ……….. (begin) on the 2nd of October, 1946. A famous Broadway actress, Flora Campbell, (d) ………… (play) Karen St. John, a rich New York woman who (e) ………. (go) to live with her relatives in the country after her husband (f) ……… (die). She soon (g) ………. (meet) a handsome young farmer, and of course the two immediately (h) ………. (fall) in love. Unfortunately, the farmer (i) ……….. (be) already engaged to Karen’s cousin, who (j) ……….. (know) nothing about the relationship. When she (k) ………. (find ) out, things (l) ……….. (get) very difficult for Karen. The producers of Faraway Hill (m) ………. (have) very little money – each programme (n) ……… (cost) only $300 – so they (o) ……….. (make) them as quickly as possible. Because there (p) ………. (be) no time for the actors to learn their words each week, assistants (q) ……….. (write) them on blackboards. Because of this, they often (r) ……….. (look) into the distance with a strange romantic expression on their faces … as they (s) ………. (read) their words from the boards on the other side of the studio!

1. Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone.

2. Many scientists were responsible for the development of the atomic bomb. Albert Einstein was one of them.

3. I saw Barbara and her husband at the football game.

4. We left the country before the war began.

5. The Egyptians were the first people to use paper.

6. “Who gave you your name?” “My father.”

7. I worked on my book for several years.

8. Whom did you dance with at the party?

9. I went into the bedroom and put my tie on and looked at myself in the mirror.

10. He did his best to look after her, he took her out on long slow strolls: he saw that she went to bed early.

11. If no contact was made, he was to return to the library and wait.

12. In this circumstances, whoever followed the old man would be revealed.

13. Sometimes Catherine and I went for rides out in the country in a carriage.

14. But time after time she would go to the school and sit on a bench outside with Mrs. Curtis, watching her son play and learn to sign now.

15. When our daughter was a little girl, she used to play house.

16. When he was much younger he didn’t use to believe in God, but now he does.

17. “But why did he think you would come here to begin with.”

18. Everybody at the office knew that he retired the next week.

19. Scofield wanted to get to the airport before the agent found him.

20. He knew that the plane flew at 2.30 a. m.

1. When did you last drink champagne?

2. When did you last speak to a stranger?

3. When did you last drive a car?

4. When did you last take a nap?

5. When did you last eat at a restaurant?

6. When did you last send someone a postcard?

7. When did you last wear something green?

8. When did you last sleep until noon?

9. When did you last ride a bicycle?

10. When did you last lose something?

11. When did you last give a party?

12. When did you last swim in the pool?

13. When did you last forget an appointment?

14. When did you last fly on a jet?

15. When did you last make a pronunciation mistake?