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Дом Exercise 10. Read the following dialogue. Then write a short memo to a colleague telling her what you have discussed
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Read the report. Underline 7 expressions of likelihood. Then complete the brief memo to your Head Office outlining the main points in the report. Include comment on the likelihood for the 7 points in the report. Use different expressions to those in the report. Here is an outline for your memo.

Exercise 9. A team of seismologists and civil engineers visits the site of a major road bridge, damaged in an earthquake. Together they produce a report on the likelihood of further damage being sustained by the bridge and on the repair operation.

Exercise 8. As companies become more and more international in their activities, they need to be able to move their employees to business units around the world. Below is a letter to employees about appraisal and relocation. Combine the first halves of the sentences with the phrases below to produce a memo to employees about the new appraisal system


Exercise 7. Complete the following memo by selecting an appropriate verb from the list below and adding the correct preposition


Exercise 6. A late delivery to a customer may have serious consequences for this company. Complete the following memo to the warehouse manager with an appropriate form of have, have got or get and make any necessary changes in word order


Exercise 5. Underline and correct three errors in the following internal memo

Exercise 4. Answer the additional questions

Exercise 3. Answer the questions

1. What do memoranda look like?

2. Whom are they sent to?

3. What types of paper are used for memos?

4. What does the top part of memo contain?

5. Where is the body of the memo placed?

6. Why is the bottom part of the memo left clean?

7. What should be done if the memo is sent to several people?

8. What document should be attached to the memo?

9. What principles are applied for writing the body of the memo?

10. What are business reports?

11. How many types of business reports are there?

12. What are reports' standardized forms applied to?

13. What are main parts of the report?

14. What does the preliminary page consist of?

15. What should you show in the conclusion of the report?

1. What's the difference between the memo and the report?

2. When is it necessary to number your recommendation in the report?

3. In what cases should you make acknowledgements in the report?

4. What is an appendix to the report?

5. In which cases it is necessary to have an appendix to your report?

Ref. Your enquiry on AGF Excavator

To have buy the machine would have been a mistake. We wanted that we were able to pay over three years. AGF would not permit us having this type of arrangement.

We regret that we had to pull out of the deal.

To: PG

From: NS

We …. a letter from our solicitor this morning. He says that he ….. the report about the claim but he ….. problems arranging a meeting to discuss the terms. Our customers are claiming that the delivery to France four weeks late. By that time they ….. not in touch with any chance to complete the project on time, so they their lawyers to cancel the shipment.

Unfortunanely, our solicitor ….. not ….. their letter until the beginning of the week. That's the reason why I need to ….. clarification of the claim.

Prevent, spend, divide, provide, describe, help, limit, exclude, replace, welcome, inform, compare

This memo is to …… all members of the steering committee the details of the next international meeting. I shall …… you …… a list of tasks that need to be done. We will …… a little time …… finalising the schedule at our next internal meeting. Unfortunately, my trip to Japan will …… me …… taking part in the meeting.

I think we should ……the program for the day …… three parts.

The first session is to …… our foreign guests …… the company and to…… our operations …… them. As time is short, we will need to …… this part

…… the essentials - of course without …… any key personnel …… the proceeding.

In the second part of the program, we should …… our working practices …… those in other companies. We have already made it clear that we intend to …… some practices …… more modern ones and this could be a fruitful area for discussion.

Finally, we will…… the participants …… the more complex norms which are need.


To: all Grade II

From: HR

1. We are writing to all employees

2. Over the last six months……………..

3. We have now collated all the details………………………..

4. This systematisation will enable all employees……………………

5. We expect that this increased mobility will lead to benefits…………………….

6. Of course we do not intend to relocate employees……………………..

7. And that is why these appraisal interviews are crucial …………………….

a. every time it suits the company's interests.

b. and every procedure has been systematised to produce a single homogeneous system.

c. because they will enable each of you to discuss your career objectives with your superiors.

d. to inform everyone about the new appraisal system.

e. to move easily between each of the company's overseas business units.

f. we have visited each of our subsidiaries to collect information about their procedures.

g. everywhere in the company.

Azir Bridge: Earthquake damage - Preliminary Report

Risk of further quakes in the area

The area concerned is very prone to earth tremors and two major earthquakes (more than 5 on the Richter scale) had been reported in the last thirty years before the recent one. It is therefore quite likely that another quake will affect the area in the next twenty years. It is difficult to predict the time of such a quake. However, the history of the area suggests a future earthquake of more than .7 on the Richter scale is highly improbable. However, small tremors of less than 2.5 are considered practically certain.

Present condition of the Azir Bridge

The bridge sustained serious structural damage in the recent earthquake. Any further tremor in the next few days, including one as low as 2.5 on the Richter scale, is bound to result in further damage, and the bridge might actually collapse.


It is advised that the bridge be demolished and replaced. This is sure to last over 15 months. Present cost estimates would certainly top S30 million.


To: Head Office

Re: Azir Bridge Earthquake

1. Further quakes and / or tremors

2. Present condition

3. Recommendations

A: A problem has arisen over the travel arrangements to Switzerland.

B: Really? What's that?

A: The airline has raised its fares by 20 per cent so we're above the budget agreed.

B: Really? Well the problem lies in the budget being too small! We have rising costs and a budget that hasn't been raised in two years.

A: Could you get authorisation for the increased cost?

B: I'll send the Finance Department the details. I'll call you later.