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Дом Exercise 5. Write down the questions for these answers.
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Exercise 4. Answer the questions.

Head of a Young Woman (painting of Andrea del Verrocchio)

Paintings of Albrecht Duerer

Exercise 2. Match the figures and the words as they are used in the UNIT.

1. 300 A. pounds

2. 2,000 B. objects

3. 18,000 C. miles

4. 10,000 D. school children

5. 6,500 E. musical instruments

6. 5,000 F. objects

7. 6 G. drawings.

8. 4 H. adults

9. 3.5 million I. centuries

10. 5,000 J. paintings

11. 1,000 K. pounds

Exercise 3. In which museum can you find:

4. flutes

5. ancient Greek coins and medals

6. costumes from North America including Inuit fur parkas

7. Madonna della Fortuna, a monumental wooden carving, Italy, 17th century

8. casts from different sculptures

9. Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton

10. A Pilgrim's Souvenir, Palestine, 18th century.

11. Russian paintings

12. dinosaur eggs from China

13. ethnological materials collected on Captain Cook's Pacific voyage of 1773-1774

14. Hawaiian feather cloaks

16. ceremonial ivories (aйври, слоновая кость) from the Kingdom of Benin

17. enlarged models of insects

18. ancient instruments for astronomy and navigation

19. early mathematical instruments generally for calculating

20. microscopes, telescopes and cameras

21. boxwood orchestral castanets

22. Islamic Ceramics

23. ancient medicine equipment

24. Violin and Violoncello by Henry Jay.

25. early masks worn by actors in Japanese Noh dramas

27. masks from Africa, Melanesia and North America

28. A Grotesque Head (painting of Leonardo da Vinci)

29.double-manual Harpsichord

30. works ofMichelangelo

1. Are Oxford museums open to public?

2. Is admission to museums is free?

3. When was the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology founded?

4. Who presented his collection to the University of Oxford in 1683?

5. Who started the collection of the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology?

6. Which museum is the first one in Britain to be open to the public?

7. What can you find in the University Museum of Natural History? In the Pitt Rivers Museum ? In the Museum of the History of Science?

8. What kind of instruments does the The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments contain?

9. How many paintings and drawings are there in the Christ Church Picture Gallery?

10. Is The Oxford Botanic Garden the oldest botanic garden in Britain?

11. Is The Oxford Botanic Garden collection the most diverse collection of plants in the world?

12. Where is the Harcourt Arboretum located?

13. How many departments are there in the Collection of the Ashmolean Museum? What are they?

1. The collections of the Antiquities Department contain a wide range of objects from the Palaeolithic to Victorian periods; from Egypt and the Middle East to Europe and Britain.

2. Cast Gallery Collection comprises casts from sculpture from museums around the world.

3. Eastern Art Collections contain a lot of objects from India, Tibet and South East Asia, China, Japan and Korea.

4. There is a large collection of coins and medals in the Heberden Coin Room.

5. The coins in the Heberden Coin Room are mostly from Greece, Islamic countries, India and China.

6. The collections of the Museum of Natural History are accumulated in the course of the last three centuries. One of the purposes of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History collections is to promote research in the natural sciences.

7. The Pitt Rivers Museum was founded in 1884.

8. The founder of the Pitt Rivers Museum is Lt.-General Pitt Rivers.

9. Lt.-General Pitt Rivers was an influential figure in the development of archaeology and anthropology.

10. Giving his collection to the University Pitt Rivers had two conditions.

11. The Pitt Rivers’ conditions were that a building was built to house the collection and that someone should be appointed to lecture in anthropology.

12. There were more than 18,000 objects in the Pitt Rivers' gift.

13. The Pitt Rivers’ collection augmented from 18,000 objects to half a million.

14. Many objects were donated to the Pitt Rivers Museum by anthropologists and explorers.

15. The sound archive of the Pitt Rivers Museum contains early records of great importance.

16. Today the Pitt Rivers Museum is an active teaching department of the University of Oxford.

17. The collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum grows through donations, and the work of the students.