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Дом Exercise 7. Translate into English.
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C. about the Picture Gallery at Christ Church

B. about the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments

A. about the Museum of the History of Science

Exercise 6. Say whether these sentences are true or false and explain why.

1. The Museum houses an unrivalled collection of paintings.

2. The Museum is well known by virtue of the collection and its building.

3. The Museum is not a department of the University of Oxford.

4. The objects of the Museum are available for study by historians.

5. The books of the Museum are not very interesting for the historians.

6. There is about a million of objects in the Museum.

7. The objects represented in the Museum are all antique.

8. There is a large collection of early mathematical instruments, but there are no optical ones.

9. There are a lot of apparatus associated with chemistry in the Museum.

10. You can find incunabula, prints and printed ephemera in the Museum.

1. There is a Faculty of Music at Oxford University.

2. The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments is quite small.

3. The Collection contains the musical instruments from all over the world.

4. The Bate Collection is called so because it is located in Bate.

5. There are no European orchestral woodwind instruments in the collection.

6. Philip Bate has stopped augmenting his collection after giving it to the University.

7. Philip Bate still augments the Collection with gifts and loans.

8. When Philip Bate gave his collection to the University of Oxford he had no conditional.

9. The Bate Collection is unique because many of its instruments are used.

10. There are about two hundred instruments in the collection.

11. All the instruments are created by English makers.

12. The collection shows the musical and mechanical development of all wind and percussion instruments from the Renaissance to modern times.

13. Philip Bate gave his collection to the University of Oxford in 1963.

1. At Cambridge there are a lot of collections similar to the Christ Church collection.

2. The Christ Church posses about 2000 paintings.

3. The Christ Church contains paintings and drawings of old and contemporary masters.

4. The collection is strongly Italian.

5. The collection covers the period from the 12th to the 14th century.

6. All the masters of the paintings are well known.

7. The collection is one of the most important private collections in the country.

8. There are works of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Dürer, Raphael and Rubens in the collection.

9. The entire drawings collection is shown at Christ Church.

10. A selection of drawings shown at Christ Church is changed every year.

1. Оксфордский Ботанический Сад один из самых старых в Англии.

2. История Ботанический Сада насчитывает около трехсот восьмидесяти лет.

3. Чтобы основать сад были выделœены пять тысяч фунтов.

4. Целью основания Ботанического Сада было «прославление Бога и содействие в научных исследованиях».

5. Оксфордский Ботанический Сад служит для «прославления природы».

6. Сегодня Ботанический Сад посœещают много людей.

7. Студенты, изучающие биологию, очень интересуются Ботаническим Садом.

8. В оранжереи Ботанического Сада приходит много школьников.

9. В Ботаническом Саду есть специальное место, посвященное растениям пустыни.

10. Ботанический Сад предоставляет специальную учебную программу для подростков.